Privacy policy

Limited liability company "PEPI RER", registration number: 44103026983, address: Parka street 25, Valka, LV-4701 (hereinafter – PEPI RER) has undertaken and shall ensure protection of your privacy. This privacy policy explains our data processing methods and your options in regard to how your personal data are collected and used. 



1. PEPI RER shall process personal data of the Client, based on the following legal grounds:

•           for the purpose of signing and executing contracts – to sign contract based on Client’s application and ensure execution thereof;

•           for the performance of normative enactments – to perform the obligations, specified in binding external normative enactments;

•           in accordance with the consent of the Client – data subject; 

•           in lawful interests - to implement lawful interests, resulting from the relations existing or contract signed between PEPI RER and the Client, or resulting from the law. 

Privacy policy in regard to protection of personal data is based on the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data (hereinafter in the text – the Regulation).


2. Lawful interests of PEPI RER are:

•           performing of commercial activity;

•           checking Client’s identity before signing of the contract;

•           ensuring performance of contractual obligations; 

•           storing orders of goods and services, made by the Clients, as well as notes on them (for       example, verbal or written); 

•           analysing  PEPI RER website activity;

•           administering PEPI RER Client account;

•           advertising their goods and services, by sending out commercial notices; 

•           sending notices on progress of application and purchase contract performance; 

•           preventing fraud;

•           administering procurements, payments and orders;

•           informing the public on its activities.



3. PEPI RER shall process personal data for the following purposes: 

•           client identification;

•           preparation and signing of the contract;

•           delivery of goods and provision of services (performance of contractual obligations);

•           advertising and distribution of goods or commercial purposes;

•           servicing of clients;

•           reviewing and processing of objections;

•           administering of accounts;

•           improvement of the website activity.



4. In order to ensure qualitative and operative performance of the obligations of the contract, signed with the Client,  PEPI RER may authorize its cooperation partners to perform some activities in terms of delivery of  goods and provision of services, for example, delivery of goods, leasing services, sending out commercial notices and similar. Upon performance of these tasks, cooperation partners of PEPI RER shall process personal data of the Client and shall be considered as data processing operators (controllers) of PEPI RER, and PEPI RER shall be entitled to transfer personal data of the Client, necessary for the performance of these activities, to these cooperation partners, to the extent required for the performance of these activities. 

5. Cooperation partners of PEPI RER (in the status of personal data controller) shall ensure performance of personal data processing and protection requirements in accordance with the signed Data processing contract and laws, and shall not use personal data for other purposes than performance of the obligations of the contract, signed with the Client, under the assignment of PEPI RER.

6. PEPI RER shall not disclose personal data of the Client to third parties, except for such cases: 

•           if data shall be transferred to the relevant third party within the framework of the signed contract (for example, delivery of goods);

•           if the Client has given clear and unambiguous consent;

•           to persons specified in external laws and regulations upon their motivated request, in accordance with the procedure and scope, specified in external laws and regulations;

•           in cases, specified in external laws and regulations for the purpose of protecting lawful interests of PEPI RER.



•           the contract signed with the Client is valid;

•           PEPI RER or the Client may implement their legitimate interests in accordance with the procedure specified in the laws and regulations;

•           there is legal obligation to store the data;

•           the consent of the Client for the processing of the relevant personal data is valid, unless there are other legal grounds for data processing.



7. The Client shall be entitled to receive information, specified in the laws and regulations regarding processing of its data. 

8. The Client shall entitled to demand termination of processing of his/her personal data, request information on purposes, for which his/her personal data are used, and to request transferring of his/her personal data in a widely used format to himself/herself or third parties. In order to avoid abuse of client data and rights, the application may be submitted only in such form, which allows identification of the person, who is submitting the application (the application shall be signed digitally or submitted personally to PEPI RER). We shall be entitled to respond to such application within 30 days. 

The request to cease processing of data shall be deemed as application to terminate the regular client contract. 



The Client may give consent for personal data processing, which is legally based on consent (for example, receiving commercial notices, etc.) in the order processing section of the website.

9. The Client shall be entitled to revoke the consent for data processing at any time the same way as it was given.

10. Revocation of the consent shall not affect the processing of the data, which was undertaken at the time, when the consent of the Client was valid. 

11. Upon revoking of the consent, processing of the data, which is performed on the basis of other legal grounds, may not be suspended.



12. PEPI RER shall communicate with the Client, using the contact information, provided by the Client (phone number, e-mail address).

13. PEPI RER shall perform communication regarding performance of contractual service obligations on the grounds of the signed contract (for example, coordination of the delivery times of the goods, information on purchases and invoices, leasing application status, etc.).

14. PEPI RER shall communicate regarding commercial notices in accordance with the laws and regulations or the consent of the Client.

15. The consent, given by the Client, for the receiving of the commercial notices, shall be valid until revoked (after the termination of the service contract as well). The Client may refuse further receiving commercial notices at any time.

16. PEPI RER shall cease sending out of commercial notices, as soon as the request of the Client is processed, which may take up to third days. 



17. PEPI RER website does not use cookies.

18. Links to third party internet websites, which have their own terms of use and personal data protection, may be published in PEPI RER websites, and PEPI RER shall not bear any responsibility.



For the resolution of all issues and problems, related to the Privacy policy or data processing and in cases when the client wishes to refuse from receiving of commercial notices or fully delete its data from the profile, please, contact us, using the e-mail address

You have the rights to address Data protection inspectorate or court any time to protect your interests. 

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