IGLU Soft Play Pouf

IGLU POUFS like any other IGLU product is covered with a high-class faux leather coating, which is a durable, easy-care material, which also means practical use.

How is this pouf different from any other pouf on the market? The filling is dense, but also with a dense filling, air circulation takes place, which after use allows the pouf to assume its original position, thus eliminating the risk of irreversible deformation. The shape and size of the pouf provides convenient storage in a small space -the planes of the pouf are straight, allowing them to be stacked on top of each other to create a pouf tower and save space. To make playing and any other movement with the pouf safer, the lower plane of the pouf is lined with a non-slip fabric that provides anti-slip.

The comfortable design and handy size will also fit perfectly into any child's and teenager's room, which will be a great help for the little young person in reading the book and will provide great play with friends.

Color mixing as shown in pictures

Pouf size: 30cm x 60cm x 60cm
Weight: 5.1kg

Safe for children
Creative and enviroment
Highest grade quality
The perfect gift

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