IGLU Shape B

IGLU Shape B


Want your child to develop coordination, creativity and logic? Evaluate the multifunctionality of IGLU Soft blocks and collect them by yourself! For small crawlers, they will be suitable as a great barrier to the development of coordination, while for larger children, they will develop creativity and logic by building and constructing various structures and fortresses.

IGLU Soft blocks will also be a great helper for physiotherapy and sport!

The mission of IGLU Soft block is to create a product that will stimulate the child's physical and intellectual development so that the child can enjoy it during the training process.

IGLU Soft blocks are suitable for children and babies from 6 months of age.

IGLU Soft blocks are made of a firm polyethylene foam with a closed cell structure – soft and super light.  Covered with a tough artificial vinyl leather material. Shapes are robust, easy to care for, and tested for harmful substances.

IGLU products are CE marked according to EU Directive 88/378 / EEC: Toy Safety.

Available colours:
Red,  Yellow, Grey

Dimensions: 10cm x 20cm x 40cm
Weight: 0.3 kg

Note: The colors on the screen are informative because the brightness and contrast may differ depending on the screen you are using

Safe for children
Creative and enviroment
Highest grade quality
The perfect gift
No 4 atsauksmēm

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